Hola, Honduras!


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Reserve Your Child's Spot! Limited space, but we need 10  to make this happen!

$50 Reserve Your Spot due by June 15th. If trip is canceled by me, you'll receive a refund.

$250 - Payment due July 5, 2018

$250- Payment due August 5, 2018


​Honduras is located in Central America, this is the beautiful strip of countries that connects North & South America.  

This summer, I created a route that will give your child an experience that includes language, culture and service.

I would love from them to join me in August, for an unique experience that will connect them to the beautiful people & culture of Honduras. 

August 14-18, 2018 

​The trip is $550 pp for food & boarding and does not include the flight.  

I used Spirit Airlines for my trip and I was satisfied with the service.  They will provide a group rate for 10, so I can travel with your child from Atlanta.  But, once it's published you have 24 hours to book it!  As of June 4, the cost is around $480 (subject to change/excludes luggage). 

Reserve your spot today!  If the trip is canceled due to lack of interest, you're $50 will be refunded.

 Our boarding will be booked via AirBNB and we will stay together as a group.

The following is the itinerary, but not limited to:

Day One- Arrive & Explore San Pedro Sula  

Day Two/Three- Depart to Comayagua & visit Honduras' first capital.

Depart to El Rosario.  This the village my grandmother left when she decided to come to the United States, so it's family and safe.  We will spend 36 hours in the village helping the community and school. 

Day Four- Depart to San Pedro Sula for Mix & Mingle at El Hondureño Club Arabe. Bring your swimsuit.

Day Five - Market Day in San Pedro Sula