My personal & professional experiences have made me a global educator.  I teach with the world in mind and bring real-life connections to every lesson. 

I have traveled to Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, France, England & South Africa. So, I am excited about taking educators to Perú this summer! 

Ron Clark Academy

Gwinnett County Public Schools

International Baccalaureate

My mission to make learning language Spanish accessible, affordable & fun.

Speak Spanish 

MissMaestra is a very great teacher! Her class is interactive, engaging and fun.

I love teaching language & culture!


About MissMaestra

She uses her experience of traveling to teach some of her lessons. Before taking her class, I really had a hard time pronouncing and responding to a person who speaks Spanish. Now I can understand sentences and respond. If you're looking for a teacher who can really meet you at your level and uprise you, MissMaestra is who you want!" 
Rodney T.